When it comes to PPC ads, using a landing page is critical to getting the most out of your advertising. Austin SEO Consultant Velvet Cloud breaks down the Landing page structure below:


A solid headline should reassure the visitor that they are in the right place and gives them a reason to stay. This is also an opportunity to call out your targeted audience (e.g. – local audience, foodies, dog owners, etc)


The body of the landing page should help answer the question the visitor is asking themselves – What is in it for me?

The Offer

Unless you are a major brand with a lot of national presence, do not expect people to click on your ads.  These are techniques we got from another Austin SEO Consultant that work very well. The reason you are advertising is to build awareness and many of your visitors do not know much about you. Give them a reason to click. Entice the viewer by putting an opportunity upfront that they do not want to miss. Offer an incentive. For example, a free first adjustment if you are Chiropractor or a week free guest pass to a Gym. Don’t confuse them with multiple offers and do go sounding like a salesperson. Think about the following:

  • Monetary Offers
    • Offer a discount
    • Offer something free
    • Offer a special bundle
  • Scarcity
    • Offer incentive for a limited amount of time
    • Offer incentive to a limited number of signups
    • Offer incentive on a holiday


Videos are a key component these days. Every landing page you crate needs to have a video. Videos keep your audience’s attention and a great video will really drive in conversions. The video should be focused on the offer

Call To Action

This is what you want your visitor to do. Call now, chat with us, enter email address, etc.

Call To Action Button

Have the button open to an opt-n form. Do not forget a nice thank you page. You can also add in additional offers after the first conversion if you want to take it to another level.