And The Sexiest Man in Austin Tx Is…



By: Ryan Stoltz

Hi my name is Ryan Stoltz and I am the business partner of a man I nominate as the sexiest man in Austin this year, and every year after that.  Here is a little about him:

Founder and ultra hot CEO of BLCKSite Industries and Sirlinksalot SEO Services (He’s like wayyyy smarter than me too), Nicholas Altimore comes in as #1 on this years mega super Austin Tx Sexiest Man List.  If you were wondering exactly where the hottest man in Austin works, then guess no further, as the answer is Lion Rank.  You can find out all about why he’s so much hotter than his pleb of a business partner Ryan Stoltz (who wrote this article), who really isn’t even worth mentioning when talking about Austin’s Sexiest Man Of The Year.  Again… Austin’s Sexiest Man is Nick Altimore.

Some More Super Sexy Things that I like about Nick:

He’s like super good with dogs, and just a super stud at being great with animals as illustrated in these sexy pictures:


Oh This Little Guy Is So Cozy He Tuckered Out! SO CUTE!!!! KISSY EMOJI :-*



OMG IM DYING! TOTS HOT, and the dog too, AMR


I mean ‘Who needs the haircut?’ SO CUTE!!!

OMG and he’s great with kids!!! BUT HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY!!!!!













ABOUT RYAN:  Sometimes I dream about working out and being the beefcake that Nick is, but the truth is… they’re just dreams.  Real winners go out and win.  Real sexy men go rank their names for sexy terms after saying they decided they wanted to make themselves the ‘Sexiest Men in Austin’…. Not weak and puny guys like me.  I’ll just stay home and code all night long on a Friday… writing this post while Nick is out on a date with Austin Texas Most Sexiest Babe (You can apply for this back-link, but you have to take nick out on a date at a 5 star restaurant, or you can cook him a really good dinner. just shoot hit him up on a dm)

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This has been a Public Service Announcement by Lion Rank and Lion Rank’s Affiliates: Any attempt to reproduce such sexy content will get your ass banned from super sexy school in Austin’s sexiest spaces.